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Front Burner Studios is a music and audio production and recording facility offering quality engineering, mixing, and production for bands, vocalists, solo artists, film, voice-over, and commercial work at extremely affordable prices. Front Burner is a comfortable and creative working environment where you can be productive without feeling pressured.

The spacious 1200 sq/ft studio is comprised of the control room/ mixing suite, one large drum/ live room, as well as variety of multipurpose acoustic spaces. These include a small vocal booth (ideal for hip hop vocals), a medium sized guitar/bass cabinet isolation room (also great for voice-over), a lounge room, and a hallway/kichenette (guitars sound great here). All of these rooms can be used simultaneously for total isolation while tracking large groups. Front Burner provides 24 track digital audio recording, a solid selection of dynamic, large and small diaphram condenser and tube condenser microphones, and an assortment of vintage and modern amplifiers and instruments.

Centrally located in Seattle's Belltown neighborhood, FBS is within walking distance of many restaurants, cafes and bars including the Pike Place Market. There's easy access to/from 99 or I-5 and many bus routes, and music supplies are less than a mile away.

The Story

Front Burner was founded in 2006 by a duo of local musicians/producers looking to create a space to play, record and produce music. Aside from playing in their own bands, the founders had colaborated musically for some time on an experimental hip-hop production project. The space they had been working in quickly became insufficient in many ways, so they started looking for a new space that could be customized to meet their growing recording needs. Once the new place was found, a wide open 1200 sq ft workspace, they went to work designing and constructing what would become Front Burner Studios.

After months of hard work, the space had transformed into a functional and comfortable studio. The original intention had been to create a space for themselves, however, as they saw it evolve into a professional recording facility, they realized other people might be interested in recording there too. They began investing in music and recording equipment and continued dialing in the studio space. At the same time they began working with a variety of bands and artists, as well as on other types of audio projects such as music and sound fx for film, commercial voice-over, and live performance recording (offsite).

Today, Front Burner continues working along that same path, and looks forward to working on new audio and music projects of all kinds.

The Crew

Front Burner Studios was founded by Blake Dally and Rusty Keenan, two northwest musicians come engineers/producers. Between us, we are in to a wide variety of musical styles and are always open to new sounds and perspectives. We believe there are more than one way of doing things, and choose different approaches on a project by project basis. We work together with you to achieve the best sound we can offer.

Blake Dallyis a Seattle native with a lifetime love for music and sound. His musical interests span from rock, funk, jazz and hiphop to reggae, latin and other global mashups. Blake plays drums, guitars, key boards, and creates instrumentals. He has performed with several groups including Mugicians and the Culture Yard Band. His interest in audio followed his love of music and lead him to production, starting in high school with a four track and eventually on to co-create Front Burner.

Rusty Keenan is a Seattle based musician, engineer, and producer. He is a multi-intrumentalist who appreciates a wide variety of music. Rusty first got into audio engineering recording live performances of his old band Discohesive, a group he released albums and toured nationally with. When he is not in the studio you will likely find Rusty taking in a soccer or football game, or relaxing at home with his wife and dog.


  • Studio Tour with Chilean Artist Sujeto Main Live Room Main Live Room Control Room
    Belizean reggae artist, Ras Indio Vintage Ludwig drum kit Fender Rhodes electric piano Co-owner Rusty Keenan
  • Jamaican reggae artist, Half Pint Jamaican harmony group, the Mighty Diamonds Co-owner Blake Dally, Half Pint, Zion Gate Sounds' Selecta Element and KEXP dj Johnny Horn The Crucialites Ras Scott with Roots Reggae artis from Guiana, Arkaingelle and Blake Dally
    Chukki Starr with Mad Professor Seattle-based comedian and writer, John Keister Filmmaker Jason Reid, John Keister, and the Sonics Gate Crew. An award winning documentary about how Seattle lost its basketball team. Belizean reggae artist, Ras Indio
  • Front Burner Studios Front Burner Studios Front Burner Studios Front Burner Studios
    Rik Rude and Rusty Keenan Stacks Live recording for Culture Yard Productions Front Burner Studios

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